Privacy Policy

The website (‘Website’) is managed by Laurent Vergne. Laurent Vergne respects the privacy rights of its online visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of the collected personal information. For this reason, Laurent Vergne has instituted strict policies and security measures to protect your personal information.

Laurent Vergne is entitled to change this privacy policy at his own discretion and without prior notice. Changes will be posted on If you continue visiting you will automatically be bound by the amended privacy policy.

  1. Personal information

When you register at or place an order on, we ask you to fill in your personal information. This information is required to be able to fulfil the service required: name, telephone, address, email. This information is required to process an order and to inform you about the status of your order.

Your personal information is collected in accordance with applicable law and in order to meet our commitments to you, including the delivery of your orders, notification of the delivery status and updates on your returns. Personal information and your order history are saved on our secure server.

  1. Newsletter subscription

You can sign up for our Newsletter by submitting your email address in the newsletter module found on the website. We don’t send newsletters to customers or registered visitors unless you have registered for the newsletter specifically. All newsletters contain an opt-out link in case you wish to unsubscribe from receiving further newsletters at any time.

  1. Third parties

Laurent Vergne will not disclose your details to any third-party companies besides companies involved in the payment and fulfilment of your order. We may disclose your information to any relevant regulatory body when there is a legal obligation to do so.

We use Google Analytics to track (anonymous) visitor data for site improvement and third-party tools to fulfil our customer service, including live chat.

We may offer links to other websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites will have their own privacy policies. Laurent Vergne is not responsible for these tertiary websites.

  1. Online Payment

Payment details are entered in the system of our payment partner secured system and are not saved or processed in our systems.

  1. Controlling and removing your information

You can login to your personal account with your email address and password to view or change your personal information or view your order(s). Please send an e-mail to if you want us to remove your personal data from our database.

  1. Minors

If you are under the age of 16 you make sure that your parents or legal guardians approve your provision of personal details before you submit these to us.

  1. Cookies and pixel tags

Laurent Vergne receives and records information from your browser when you use the Laurent Vergne website and may use a variety of methods, such as cookies and pixel tags to collect this information. For more information, you can see our Cookie Statement.

  1. When do we process your personal data?

8.1 In order to visit our webpage, buy our goods or contact us in any way, we need to collect personal data about you.

8.2 Laurent Vergne collect and process personal data about you when you visit our webpage, add products your cart, enter and complete the checkout, reach out to our customer care, sign up for our newsletter, restock notifications, waitlists and events. The information that we at Laurent Vergne collect from you when you register to our newsletters, events, start and complete the purchasing process is required to enter into an agreement and for us to fulfil the agreement and provide the services and offers we have.

8.3 For all customers and users registered to our newsletter, we collect data about how you interact with our website, what information, products and services you have been interested in by reading an email or clicking a link.

8.4 For all customers we also store and handle any personal information related to past purchases.

  1. What personal data do we process about you?

9.1 For email subscribers

The personal data that we collect from email subscribers are:

  • Email
  • IP-address and information about your website visit behavior



9.2 For customers

The personal data that we collect from customers are:

  • Email
  • IP-address and information about your website visit behaviour
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Order information



9.3 For users starting the purchasing process:

The personal data that we collect from users starting an order:

  • Email
  • IP-address and information about your website visit behaviour
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Order information



9.4 For users of Laurent Vergne customer assistance and support channels

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Facebook account information
  • Other personal information provided by the user in order to resolve any errand or issue






  1. Why do we process the personal data about you?

Laurent Vergne process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To fulfil our responsibilities to you as a user of our web pages, services or products.
  • To support you in case of problems with our web pages, services or products.
  • To improve our web pages, services or products.
  • To communicate informational updates and marketing messages via email or telephone.
  • To collect and make customer, marketing or other types of analyses
  • To prevent fraud
  • To follow applicable laws and regulations
  1. The legal grounds for us to collect, use, transfer and store personal data

We treat your personal information to:

  • fulfil the contract and/or agreement with you, providing our products and services
  • comply with legal obligations, for instance keeping records for accounting or VAT reporting to comply with local financial regulation
  • to cater to the legitimate interests of users, customers and visitors, for instance sending information about goods and services users have shown interest in or carrying out analyses, segmentation and profiling to improve the relevance of and tailor information about products, services and events to users
  • to cater to our own legitimate interests, for instance tracking site behaviour, interactions and user interests in our information, products and services to provide correct information, services and products as well as personal offers or collecting feedback to improve our products or services or performing analyses, segmentations and profiling of users and user data to allocate our resources, change, improve and expand our products and services



Laurent Vergne does not process any sensitive personal data, .e.g. financial information, health information, religious beliefs etc.

  1. Profiling

12.1 Laurent Vergne will use profiling and process your personal data to understand how you have been using our web, which of our products, services and offers you have been interested in, which of our newsletters you interacted with and which of our events you signed up to. This information is processed in order to tailor products and services to your interests.

Laurent Vergne will also use profiling of personal data to understand customer demographics and behaviour in order to identify and market our products and services to new user groups.

Finally, Laurent Vergne will also use profiling of personal data to avoid advertising to existing customers on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

12.2 You may at any time object to the processing of personal data through profiling. Do this by emailing Laurent Vergne at Once Laurent Vergne has received your notification, we will cease processing your personal information for this purpose.

  1. How long do we store your personal data?

13.1 Your personal information will only be stored as long as there is a need to save them to fulfil the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Laurent Vergne may save the data longer if necessary, to comply with legal requirements or to monitor Laurent Vergne’s legal interests, such as if there is a legal process going on.

13.2 Laurent Vergne saves user information for as long as we believe is necessary to ensure the quality of our services.

13.3 Laurent Vergne saves account and customer information for as long as an account or customer have a Laurent Vergne account. 

  1. Who do we transfer the personal data to? 

14.1 Laurent Vergne may disclose your information to third parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Such transfers information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Transfer of name, address, phone number and email to logistics partners to deliver your order.
  • Transfer of name, email and country to advertising platforms such as Facebook for profiling or for exclusion of the user from advertising on said platforms.
  • Transfer of name, address, phone number, email to CRM tools in order to respond to provide customer support, send transactional or marketing emails.



14.2 Third party which Laurent Vergne discloses information to or otherwise provides information about a user, account holder or customer may use the information only for the purposes of selling and marketing Laurent Vergne services and products or for the purpose of providing services related to Laurent Vergne agreement with you as a user, account holder or customer.

14.3 Personal data may also be disclosed by Laurent Vergne if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or government requirements, to safeguard Laurent Vergne’s legal interests or to detect and prevent fraud and other security or technical issues.

14.4 Laurent Vergne may transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA, if any of Laurent Vergne’s suppliers or partners are located there. If personal data is transferred to any country outside the EU / EEA, Laurent Vergne will take steps to ensure that personal data remain protected and also take the necessary steps to legally transfer personal data to non-EU / EEA countries.

14.5 We will not sell your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission.

14.6 We reserve the right to disclose and transfer personal information about customers and subscribers to a buyer in the eventual sale of parts of or the entirety of the company Laurent Vergne.

  1. Changes to the privacy policy

Laurent Vergne has the right to change/update the Privacy Policy at any time.

  1. The protection of your personal data

You should always be able to feel confident when you submit your personal information to us. Laurent Vergne has therefore taken the security measures needed to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change and deletion. For example, all information about users, account holders and customers are stored in a database that is protected by permission management and firewall.

  1. Your rights

17.1 Laurent Vergne is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

17.2 Laurent Vergne will, at your request or on its own initiative, rectify, disassociate, delete or supplement information that is found to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

17.3 You are entitled to request:

17.3.1 Access to your personal information. This means that you are entitled to request a registry outline of the processing we conduct regarding your personal data. You are also entitled to receive a copy of the personal data being processed. You are entitled to once a calendar year, by written application, receive a registry extract from which personal data are registered about you, the purpose of the treatment and the recipients the information has been provided or to be disclosed. You also have the right to receive information on where the data has been retrieved if personal data have not been collected from you, the existence of automated decision making (including profiling) and the predicted period during which the data will be stored, or the criteria used to determine this period. You also have the right to obtain information about your other rights listed in this paragraph in the registry extract.

17.3.2 Correction of your personal data. We will prompt you to correct the incorrect or incomplete information we process about you as quickly as possible.

17.3.3 Deletion of your personal information. This means that you are entitled to request that your personal data be removed if they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. However, there may be legal requirements that we cannot immediately delete your personal data in, for example, accounting and tax laws. We will then end the processing done for purposes other than complying with the legislation.

17.3.4 Limitation of treatment. This means that your personal information is marked so that they can only be processed for certain delimited purposes. For example, you may request a limitation when you consider your information incorrect, and you have requested a correction. Meanwhile, the accuracy of the data is investigated, their treatment will be limited. Laurent Vergne will notify each recipient of the personal data disclosed in paragraph 10 above about any corrections or deletion of data, as well as limitation of processing of data.

17.3.5 You are entitled to data portability. It implies the right to, under certain conditions, extract and transfer your personal data in a structured, widely used, and machine-readable format to another personally responsible person.

17.3.6 You are entitled to object to personal data processing performed on the basis of a balance of interest. If you object to such treatment, we will only continue treatment if there are legitimate reasons for treatment that weigh heavier than your interests.

17.3.7 If you do not wish to process your personal data for direct marketing, you are always entitled to object to such treatment by sending an email to Once we have received your objection, we will cease processing your personal data for such marketing purposes.

17.4 Issuing a request. To enforce any of the above rights, please email We will respond to any of the above requests within two business days and comply with the request within 28 days. You may issue such request up to once per year. If you wish to issue requests more frequently, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to compensate for the administrative costs of complying with the request.

  1. Cookies and site statistics

18.1 Cookies are used on our site in order to improve your experience. As you navigate our site, your preferences are remembered by the temporary use of cookies, small text files saved on your device by the browser you use. Cookies let our systems find information about your browser as well as monitor the navigational patterns while you are browsing the site. Site users have the option to accept or disable cookies through their browsers, as well as being notified when a cookie should be activated. This enables you to reject usage of this cookie, or erase the cookie at the end of your visit. If you disable your cookies or erase cookies, your user experience may be limited.

18.2 Site statistic web data is collected with tools such as Google Analytics to analyse the performance of our site and monitor user trends on the site. Analytical data such as hits to our server, traffic patterns and page views shows us where our audience is coming from and how they interact with the site. This type of collected information is aggregated and anonymous and, therefore does not personally identify specific site users. We also use IP-anonymization which shortens and anonymizes your IP-address before it’s stored on Google servers. In addition, our site may utilize “web beacons, “pixel tags” or other tracking technologies to study the actions of our users through non-personally identifiable information. This data is aggregated and monitored to help us improve our services and the overall experience of the site.

  1. How to opt out

If you wish to opt out from or revoke your consent to any communication, clear, enable or disable cookies or tracking we’ve collected the most important information on how to do so below.

How to manage cookies on popular browsers and devices:

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How to manage subscriptions from Laurent Vergne emails:

Go to the latest email received from us, head to the bottom of the email and click “Update preferences” to update your email preferences or “Unsubscribe” to unsubscribe from all Laurent Vergne email communication. Please note that this means you may miss important information.

  1. Contact us

If you have any questions about our use of your information, how to exercise your rights or about our Policies, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care Team. You can contact them from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET.